Tips Of Living In The High Altitude While At Fort Carson

                                          Tips Of Living In The High Altitude
Since many of the mountains here in the Pikes Peak region rise to 14,000 feet and most attractions that on a average are at 7,000 feet above sea level. The altitude can produce some unusual sensations, therefore when visiting Colorado Springs it can be quite an adjustment from Sea Level and you will need to give your body a little time to adjust to the altitude and prevent altitude sickness. Some of the symptoms for altitude illness include a headache, touch of nausea, feeling unusually tired, or experiencing shortness of breath. One of the most important things that should be known about altitude sickness is that it is almost totally preventable and here are some guidelines. 
Stay below 7,000 feet the first day (Colorado Springs is 6,035 feet above sea level)
Avoid strenuous exercise, exercise in moderation for the first few days.
Drink more water than usual since you can become dehydrated more quickly
Reduce alcohol intake, which has greater effects in the high altitude
Eat food that is high in carbohydrates such as grains, pasta, fruit and vegetables
Avoid salty foods
Drink lots of fluids
When you are sightseeing, work your way up to the higher altitudes 
Altitude sickness usually causes minor problems and preventable, usually visitors start feeling better within 48 hours 
Ultraviolet Rays and the Sun
 The Ultraviolet rays are much more powerful at these higher elevations. Sunglasses which filter the ultraviolet rays is strongly recommended. Regardless of your skin type and color or complexion everyone needs to wear a protective sunscreen even on overcast days the ultraviolet rays can penetrate cloud cover.
Driving Tips
It is so easy to be distracted with all the wonderful and beautiful scenery. So, when sightseeing pull over, stop the car and get out for the best view.
•Always buckle up
•Changing terrain and weather conditions can pose a wide variety of hazards. Awareness and safety precautions can make your site seeing and touring memorable
•Be observant and careful of the changing speed limits on the roadways and mountain curves.  Remember the vehicle traveling uphill has the right-of-way.
•Use low gears when descending steep grades to avoid overheating your brakes, also use a lower gear for more power when going uphill, especially if towing.
•In Colorado, be alert and observant of wildlife. Deer may be drawn onto the roads by headlights.
The high altitude affects vehicles which must be properly tuned for high altitude to avoid excess engine wear
The boiling point is lower that in the low altitude, which cause food to not be as hot and cool off faster. Baking always requires minor altitude-related adjustments, so it is always a good idea to check the side of the box for additional directions.



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